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about us


Learning becomes more interesting when it returns results to you. It’s more interesting when it is done at your own comfort. There is nothing such as odd hours of learning. Be whichever location, time and convience level, we are there with our Abacus army to make you win the battle against boring Mathematics and calculations. Providing Abacus education at one’s convience and comfort level is what we always look forward !


‘Mathematics is easy’, Yes you read it right ! But how can Mathematics be easy when it’s already filled with calculations and confusions. Hold on ! Let me make this logical for you rather than been absurd. We are on a mission to provide best quality abacus training to all our students. Once each student masters the fundamentals of Abacus he develops the knack of accurate and fast calculations. Students sharp the edges of their logical thinking with improved focusing and concentration. Unleashing the above mathematical wonders in each student is what we thrive for !



I am Professional Abacus Teacher. I have been teaching from past few years. It has been great experience while teaching all these years. I have seen my students adapting the knowledge and growing in their life. I am proud today of all my students.

Manisha Holkar


About Us

AcuteAbacus has been established in 2020 with a purpose to provide quality & concept based educational program in India. AcuteAbacus has brought this high caliber theory for Indian children to explore the unlimited potentials of their brains.

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Address :- B-204, Classic’s Sterling C.H.S, Plot no-84, Sec-8, New Panvel, Panvel-410206, Maharashtra, India

Phone No:- 9323016558 / 8450963775

Email id:- acuteabacus20@gmail.com