Parents are often worried about their child’s career. Each Parent has some expectations from their children regarding their excellence in studies. It starts from lower school. As it’s the foundation of every child. Every individual has different skills in them. Many have mathematical skills. We see some children solving math problems in seconds. So, a question arises in mind that how they solve it so fast. So, the answer is ABACUS.

I’ll give some questions

1.Table of 37(you have to say it in a minute with speed)

2. 583*97 (you have to answer it in seconds)

So, can you solve these questions in seconds/minutes? No, but an abacus student can solve this in just seconds.

Abacus shows numbers in bits like a game. Abacus includes mathematical operations like addition, subtraction multiplication, and division. Abacus is a medium to developmental math and analytical reasoning. Abacus is a platform where math is like a game that it makes easy and interesting. 

        • It boosts speed and concentration

   • Sharpens the mental capacity

       • Maintains accuracy at a high level

Abacus surely boosts the speed of an individual. The abacus tool is just a counting frame or calculation tool. As the individual practices daily with that tool it helps them to improve their concentration. As their concentration is built properly they just boost their speed in calculating and they even don’t need of abacus tool. They solve bigger problems in mind. 

As previously I asked some questions, those questions can only be solved with concentration, mental ability, confidence and drastically individual catches speed because of these factors. 

Individual excels themselves in their studies. Abacus sharpens the brain and develops the mental capacity to solve a problem with concentration. Accuracy is important at every stage in life. The perfect methodology to handle the problem and get a positive result is accuracy. Abacus maintains accuracy at a higher level

The abacus helps in one’s career. So, may it be engineering, medicine, law, defence, etc. At every stage of life, math is important.

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